Online Slot Review: More Like Diggin’ for Gold

Online Slot Review: More Like Diggin’ for Gold

Analyzing the Gold Mining Video Game

The latest game from BetSoft, titled More Gold Diggin’, is a continuation of their earlier release, Gold Diggin’. A dark, damp mine appears on my computer screen. Two miners border the playing field. There’s a red-bearded dwarf-like miner on the left, and a tall, thin yokel on the right. Spin time! Diamonds, rubies, gold, jade, and copper all fly by in a blur. The large payoffs are what I’m after.

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The new slot machine also had a multiplier that grew larger with each winning spin. The multiplier can increase to a maximum of five times the amount won if you spin consecutive victories. Even though it looked impossible, I managed to trigger the five times multiplier several times. There was also a free spins function, although it was extremely difficult to activate. The function required three TnT barrels to activate. If not for the random dynamite sticks, I never would have hit the three barrels needed to trigger the free games. During the bonus rounds, the multiplier bar begins at 3x and can reach a maximum of 10x. Unfortunately, the sum total of my free spins was only a few bucks.

Explosive components do exist in the game. After a winning line, the dynamite stick wilds will “explode,” revealing new positions on the board. In essence, if you keep winning, your initial spin will be multiplied. In the meanwhile, that factor is increasing. When my dynamite went off and my new pieces fell to the ground, however, it was often the end of the game. I started with $35 and lost all but $6 before hitting a winning streak. The money I was earning started adding up, and I hadn’t even raised my first 25-cent wager. It’s hard to trigger the free spins bonus.

Two miners and the coal miner’s daughter once came to the front of the gaming board and danced a line dance–style jig to celebrate a $5 line victory. That was entertaining, definitely one of the game’s high points. It seems like the slots on newer machines are getting narrower on purpose. Even if the highest money I win is $9.50 on a 50 cent wager, I’m still going to play them. The novelty and originality of the game made it enjoyable to play. Zombies vs. Cheerleaders II is still my favorite slot sequel at Bovada. It’s got pink sports bras, intestines, and blood; it’s epic. That one will be tough to unseat.

Have fun with More Gold Diggin’ if you want to play, or keep reading to learn how to choose the best online slot machine for you.






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